Aspen Standard Peristaltic Condensate Drain Pump

Order Code :BBJ17

Features :

  • It is triggered by the hard-wired cooling signal from the AC unit.
  • A combination of quietness, reliability & installation advantages.
  • The Peristaltic rotary movement generates a continuous pressure.
  • This means that the pump can be sited over 15m away from the condensate source. with no effect on performance.
  • No risk of contamination or corrosion.
  • No loud sound from dry running.
  • Pumps water, fibrously contaminated water or air.
  • Fire retardant plastics.
  • 3 minute timer overrun.
  • No siphoning back.
  • A Quality product from Aspen Pumps, UK.

Technical Specifications :

Max Flow ( L/HR ) : 6.25                     (at 12m head)
Max Head ( M )     :12
Lift ( M )               : 3


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