Propylene-Glycol Non-Toxic

Order Code : CHEM

Features :

  • Non Toxic Antifreeze Heat Transfer Fluid for food application.
  • Clear, colourless and practically odourless liquid.
  • Freeze protection to upto (-) 65deg C.
  • Completely soluble in water.
  • Available in leak detection colors.
  • Useful for Food & Beverage industry, dairy, pharmaceutical & brewery chilling applications, process food industry.

Mono Ethylene Glycol MEG

Order Code : CHEM10

Features :

  • Antifreeze Heat Transfer Fluid for industrial application.
  • Organic compound widely used as an antifreeze & automotive coolant.
  • Freeze protection to upto (-) 45deg C.
  • Clear, colourless and practically odourless liquid.
  • Completely soluble in water; Corrosive & toxic.
  • Used in thermal storage systems, HVAC, industrial coolant, engine coolant, etc.

Alstascale DS 40 for descaling degrading derusting

Order Code: CHEM06

Features :

  • 3 in 1 compound for removal of scale, rust & greasy deposits in water systems.
  • Useful for chillers, AHU, PHE, FCU, Boiler/ Geyser, Vacuum pump decalcifier.
  • Removes heavy deposits of water scale & iron oxides.
  • Suitable for removing lime / rust deposits and oily contaminants MS, SS, Cast Iron, Cu, Cu-Ni, Brass friendly.

Alstarinse Refrigerant Line Flushing Solvent

Order Code : CHEM07

Features :

  • Excellent for flushing out carbon, moisture, dirt, oil, etc from refrigerant & compressor line in AC, car AC, compressors, refrigerators, thermic fluid degreasing etc.
  • Completely volatile or vaporising in nature.
  • Dries quickly and leaves no residue.
  • Better option for planet earth than CTC ( Grease Killer / carbon tetrachloride ) as it is without the hazard of ozone depletion.