Errecom No Acid – Neutralizes Dangerous Hydrofluoric Acid

Order Code : ERR27

Features :

Neutralize Dangerous Hydrofluoric Acid!

  •  Neutralises & effectively eliminates acid from an A/C system.
  • Prevents acids from forming.
  • Neutralises acids caused by compressor burnout.
  • Neutralises acids introduced by A/C recovery units.
  • Safe with all system components.
  • Ideal for preventative maintenance.
  • Fast & immediate effect.
  • High Quality Product from Europe.

* Zero to low acid level = add 30ml per 2 litres of lubricant.
* Medium acid level = add 30ml per 1.5 litres of lubricant.
* High acid level = add 30ml per 0.7 litres of lubricant.

Errecom Super Dry – Prevent Moisture Contamination

Order Code : ERR24

Features :

Prevent Moisture from Causing Acid and Lubrication Problems!

  •  Moisture and Fluorine create Hydrofluoric Acid.
  • Lock up moisture to prevent reaction.
  • Convert moisture to lubricating agent.
  • Effectively neutralise moisture.
  • Valuable preventative.
  • Highly concentrated.
  • High Quality Product from Europe.


* 30ml (1oz) up to 1.3 kg (2.9lbs)
* 42ml (1.5oz) up to 2.7 kg (6lbs)
* 60ml (2oz) up to 5.4 kg (12lbs) of refrigerant.

Errecom Smart Tester – AC Refrigerant Check Level

Order Code : ERR02

Features :

Verify gas levels and where necessary add refrigerant gas to top up.

  •  No need for scales, hoses and manifold gauge.
  • Available for R410a – R134a – R407c – R417a – R422 – R424.
  • Available also with 200 cm hose with ball valve.
  • Quick application.
  • Special tap and adapter.
  • High Quality Product from Europe.

Errecom Ice Free – Unlock the freeze

Order Code : ERR21

Features :

If an air-conditioning system pipes freeze but ..with one application of Ice-Free ..

  • Effective in all systems regardless of size.
  • Compatible with all refrigerant gases – including CFC, HFC & HCFC.
  • Compatible with all lubricants.
  • Once added to the system, ICE-free mixes with the refrigerant & circulates throughout the system.
  • Safe for use with all seals & internal refrigeration system components.
  • Neutralises & helps prevent the formation of acids.
  • High Quality Product from Europe.

3.75ml (1/8 oz) per 0.45kg (1lb) of refrigerant



Errecom Brilliant – UV Leak Detector Dye

Order Code : ERR06

Features :

  • Precisely locate the leaks of Refrigerant Gas in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems.
  • Solvent-free.
  • Compatible with any Refrigerant Gas, CFC, HFC and HCFC included.
  • Visible to any U/V light.
  • Ideal for preventative purposes.
  • Non-clogging to A/C systems.
  • High Quality Product from Europe.   





Errecom Extreme – Automatic Leak Stopper

Order Code : ERR32

Features :

An Automatic Leak Stopper For problems of small refrigerant gas leakages in your AC & R systems.

  • Localizes the point of leakage & seals it permanently.
  • It stops the leakages with maximum dimensions 0.5mm.
  • Compatible with all refrigerant gases including CFC, HFC & HCFC.
  • Ideal for PREVENTIVE USE.
  • Available in 30Ml, 42Ml, 60Ml.
  • High Quality Product from Europe.




Errecom Coolshot – Performance Enhances

Order Code : ERR15

Features :
Enhances the performance of older Air Conditioning and Refrigeration system!

  • Delivers colder vent air (approx. 2-3 °C) faster
  • Delivers 54% higher lubricity to compressor oil
  • Reduce vibration and noise Extends the life of the system by 20-50%
  • Reduces annual maintenance costs by approximately 20%
  • Available in 30Ml, 42Ml.
  • High Quality Product from Europe.