Refco 1/4″ Valve Core Replacing Tool

Order Code : REF130

Features :

  • Used for faster vacuum, charging & recovery.
  • Designed to remove & replace Schrader valve cores without losing refrigerant charge.
  • Increase evacuation & charging speeds by creating unrestricted access to the system.
  • Consists blank off valve & a 360D movable vacuum gauge access port which allows for easy access in tight spaces.

Microdam MD1010PMN Mercury NEO Condensate Drain Pump

Order Code : MD01

Features :

  • Fits to Any Ready-made Straight Conduit.
  • Low Noise with Vibration Absorbing System.
  • Waterproof Float made of Plastic Material.
  • Thermally Protected.
  • Easy Installation & Servicing.
  • Self-priming.
  • Fully Potted.
  • Built-in Check Valve preventing Back-flows.
  • Built-in High Level Switch.
    Technical Specifications –*Power Supply : 110~120V 60Hz or 220~240V 50/60Hz
    *Power Consumption : 12W
    *Water Flow Rate : Max. 11ℓ/hr at Zero Head
    *Discharge Head : Max. 8m
    *Suction Head : Max. 2m
    *Ambient Temperature : 0℃ to 50℃
    *Thermal Protection : Cut-out at 100℃