Mighty Mounts 16 CFM Vacuum Pump With Digital Vacuum Gauge

Order Code : MM191

  • Suitable for R32 & HFO-1234YF
  • Built in vacuum gauge – Large backlit LCD display. German sensor audiblae & visual alarms for notification when preset alarm thresholds are met
  • Built in solenoild Valve – Automatically close the inlet port to avoid reflux of oil when power off
  • Four Way Inlet Fitting – Increase the flow rate more options for hose size.
  • Gas Ballast – Avoid condensation for prolong use of vacuum pump oil.
  • Ceramic Bushing – Enclosing inside the oil seal to guarantee reliable operation for a longer time.
  • Filter Element – Prevent from oil contamination to the sensor of vacuum gauge
  • Air Passage – Air Exhaust: Inlet port filter-solenoid valve -pump body- Exhaust port
    Vacuum Test: Inlet port filter-Vacuum sensor
  • Variable Speed Motor

Robinair 4.5 CFM Vacuum Pump

Order Code : ATP144

  • 4.5 CFM two stage vacuum pump
  • Suitable for R32.
  • For class A2L refrigerants & others
  • Also for use with Ammonia (NH3)
  • Spark free electronic motor cut-out & on-off switches
  • The two-stage rotary vane design provides powerful, quiet and high vacuum capability. It ensures moisture removal and reduces evacuation time
  • The gas ballast allows a precise amount of atmospheric air to be introduced into the pump, preventing condensation of moisture vapour – which maintains the purity of the pump oil
  • The aluminium housing and a moulded handle makes the pump not only lightweight, but easy to carry

Robinair 10 CFM Vacuum Pump

Order Code : ATP149

  • 10 CFM Two Stage Vacuum Pump
  • Two stage design: Second stage pumps at a lower pressure creating a deeper vacuum pull
  • Offset rotary vanes improve vacuum pull
  • Gas Ballast features reduces moisture condensation in the pump oil
  • 1/4 turn of the “Iso-valve” isolates the pump from the system
  • Built-in check valve prevents oil from being sucked into the system during a power loss
  • Durable, yet lightweight aluminum casing
  • Polycarbonate base improves pump balance and minimizes vibration

Mastercool 90010-6 & 90018-6 Vacuum Pump Oil

Order Code :
MS65 & MS67

Features :

This vacuum pump oil is engineered to maintain maximum viscosity to keep the pump operating at peak efficiency in any climate. Moisture, heat and other contaminants can quickly deteriorate the purity of the oil causing inefficiency during deep vacuum conditions.

  • Frequent oil changes will reduce vacuum pump failure and extend the pump life.
  • Thermally stable.
  • Laboratory tested resists breaking down.
  • High viscosity.
  • Available in 295ml. (MS 65) & 531ml. (MS 67) bottles.
  • A Quality product from Mastercool, USA.

Mighty Mounts 12-cfm Vacuum Pump

Order Code : MM03

Features :

  • The sight glass on the front of the pump shows when enough oil has been added
  • Die-cast aluminium housing makes the pump lightweight but durable
  • Forced oil-feed device makes it more reliable when exhausting along with air
  • Anti suck back system
  • Single stage (1.5cfm) & double stage (3.5 & 10cfm) vacuum pumps

Mastercool 3, 6 & 10 Cfm Vacuum pumps

Order Code : MS02, 03 &04

Features :

  • Durable and time tested.
  • Stands up to the the most gruelling conditions and provide years of reliable service.
  • Ultimate vacuum – 15 microns. ( 3 & 6Cfm )
  • Ultimate vacuum – 12 microns. ( 10Cfm )
  • Slide switch recessed for protection.
  • Vapour discharge / oil fill port, easily removable. Contains internal check valve to prevent escape of liquid oil.
  • Cooling fins to keep temperature cooler during long operations.
  • A Quality product from Mastercool, USA.