Coil coating

Infinity HVAC Tools has also brought in two new chemicals for AC equipment coils this Diwali. They will ease the Service & Maintenance engineers work and improve the quality of protecting & cleaning of the AC coils.
Defender Coil Coating
It is one of the toughest and long lasting Coil Coating that protects coils from Salt water, corrosive chemicals, discoloration and oxidation. It bonds to all metal surfaces and withstands temperatures up to 400F (205 C). It does not hinder heat transfer and is compatible with all coil types.
It is an excellent product to protect your condenser coil from environmental corrosion.

Viper Foaming Aerosol Coil Degreaserviper_aerosol
Viper is an Aerosol coil degreaser that foams and penetrates deeply to clean the coils of heavy grease and grime. The foam liquefies and drains after few minutes. Viper is Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable with No odors and is also FOOD GRADE. That means it can be safely used in all Food Processing areas.
An excellent and easy to use coil cleaner for the service engineer on the go!
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