Mighty Mounts 16 CFM Vacuum Pump With Digital Vacuum Gauge

Order Code : MM191

  • Suitable for R32 & HFO-1234YF
  • Built in vacuum gauge – Large backlit LCD display. German sensor audiblae & visual alarms for notification when preset alarm thresholds are met
  • Built in solenoild Valve – Automatically close the inlet port to avoid reflux of oil when power off
  • Four Way Inlet Fitting – Increase the flow rate more options for hose size.
  • Gas Ballast – Avoid condensation for prolong use of vacuum pump oil.
  • Ceramic Bushing – Enclosing inside the oil seal to guarantee reliable operation for a longer time.
  • Filter Element – Prevent from oil┬ácontamination to the sensor of vacuum gauge
  • Air Passage – Air Exhaust: Inlet port filter-solenoid valve -pump body- Exhaust port
    Vacuum Test: Inlet port filter-Vacuum sensor
  • Variable Speed Motor


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