Mighty Mounts Ultracorr Rust Remover

Order Code: MM251

1. Recommend to use ULTRACORR CLEANZER- RM to remove rust also removes dust, dirt, oil, grease from old machine
A. Shut-down the machine
B. Before the application clean the application area by water
C. Dilute ULTRACORR CLEANZER- RM with 3-5 parts of water and apply using low pressure plastic sprayer (Mix the solution well)
D. Wet the tubes, coil & Spray the mixture on tubes & coils. Avoid splash while applying
E. Spray evenly on coil starting from top in horizontal direction. Wait 30 second and
then spray in vertical direction
F. Wait the 3-5 minute till foam pushes dirt and other contaminants from tubes and then
take a wire brush and remove the rust from the copper tubes.
G. Wash the treated area thoroughly to completely with water to remove the trace of rust
remover. If required wash 2 to 3 times with water & allow it complete dry

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