Errecom No Acid – Neutralizes Dangerous Hydrofluoric Acid

Order Code : ERR27

Features :

Neutralize Dangerous Hydrofluoric Acid!

  •  Neutralises & effectively eliminates acid from an A/C system.
  • Prevents acids from forming.
  • Neutralises acids caused by compressor burnout.
  • Neutralises acids introduced by A/C recovery units.
  • Safe with all system components.
  • Ideal for preventative maintenance.
  • Fast & immediate effect.
  • High Quality Product from Europe.

* Zero to low acid level = add 30ml per 2 litres of lubricant.
* Medium acid level = add 30ml per 1.5 litres of lubricant.
* High acid level = add 30ml per 0.7 litres of lubricant.

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